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Customers or Employees Don't Receive Email or Text Messages

If your employees or your customers do not receive text messages from Vagaro, check the following before contacting Vagaro:

Make Sure You have Email & Text Messages Turned On

1.  Verify that you have text and email messages turned on. You can find these options by hovering over Settings then click Settings.


2. Use the scroll menu on the left--> Click Email & Text Notifications. Check all of the messages you want to send to your customers. If nothing is checked, no email and no text messages will be sent to your customers.



If Customers Don't Receive Email or Text Messages

1.  Go into the customer profile by clicking on Customers then selecting the customer from the list and then click Edit to the left of their information.


2.  Enter their email address and/or their mobile number in the Cell Phone field. 

3.  Verify that the mobile number is correct, that the "1" is omitted from the beginning and the area code is added.

4.  Make sure you have selected the correct Service Provider if you want them to get text messages as well. and click Update Changes. Many times the customer chooses the wrong provider, verify this is correct.



If Employees Don't Receive Text Messages

1.  Hover over Settings, then Employees, and click on Employees Profile


2.  On the employee in question, Click Profile-->


3.  In their profile, Select Contact and verify that the phone number is correct, that the "1" is omitted from the beginning of the number and the area code is added. Also make sure to select the correct Mobile Provider and Appointment Reminder options.


4.  Click Save


T-Mobile Customers - READ THIS

T-Mobile Customer need to turn-off Message Blocking

When you don't receive text messages from Vagaro on the T-Mobile network, this means you have Message Blocking setup on your T-Mobile account.

Message Blocking is a service that allows you to block messages to and from your phone. You can block incoming and outgoing text messages (SMS), picture messages (MMS), Instant Messages (IM), and e-mail. The problem occurs when Vagaro sends you a message, because we send it through a T-Mobile email address. If you block email addresses, you will not receive text messages from Vagaro.

To change your settings so you will receive text messages from Vagaro, click this link - and follow the instructions.


PS. If Customers or service providers are still not getting the emails, have them look in their spam folder on whatever email tool that they are using or double check their information again


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