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Manually Add Customers to a Waitlist



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    Megan Starr

    Are there any suggestions for adding a customer to the waitlist who hasn't requested a specific date? For example, sometimes our clients have to book out farther than they would like for a service because we are too full. In this case, they tell us to try and get them in anytime before their next appointment. If we are limited to 5 dates and times when adding a customer to the waitlist, how do I make sure they stay on it for 2+ weeks? Hope that makes sense!

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    Kimberly Banow

    Hi, Megan. You will need to add the customer to a specific date so Vagaro knows which date to notify the customer about. They will stay on the waitlist until the day passes, after which you will have to add them to another waitlist date.

    You can also select a different waitlist type so that your customers are automatically booked when an appointment is available:

    Another option is to submit a request for the feature:


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