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Logo Image Tips

While searching Vagaro, your logo image is the first visual a potential client will see, so it is important that you choose a great image. To present your business in its best light, we suggest you partner with a Photographer or Graphic Designer. Click here to order a custom logo from one of our Graphic Designers. If this is not possible, here are some tips that will help you choose a great logo image.


1)  Choose a shot of your studio space, a photo of your work, a portrait of your staff, or your business logo. 

  • These subjects will best represent your business to potential clients.









2)  Should be high quality.

  • High resolution, sharp, and not blurry. 


The Left image is low resolution and therefore blurry. To ensure a high-quality image, upload an original file under 5MB that is at least 1280 x 1920-pixels.


3)  Should be horizontal orientation or crop well into the designated 3x2 ratio.

  • A horizontal image crops best within the designated 3x2 ratio, however, some vertical photos can fit as well.


In this vertical portrait, the subject's lovely features are cropped off. 



While no valuable information is cropped off in this vertical portrait. 



This horizontal portrait is an excellent example of a well-cropped logo image. The entire image crops within the designated 3x2 ratio.


4)  Take your photo in natural, soft light.  

  • You can achieve soft light in front of a window, or outside in the shade.  


Moving to the shade softens the subject's features. 



This lighting is too harsh. Direct sunlight creates unflattering shadows.


5)  Use text sparingly. 

  • Your business name is the only text needed on your logo image. Your business information is on your Vagaro page, so there is no need to display it on your logo image.  


The text on the left image does not distract from the image, while the text on the right image does. Business information is unnecessary on a logo image. 


6)  No distracting backgrounds. We want your work to be the focus.

  • Photograph your subject against a wall, a simple background, or blurred background.


 The cars in the background distract from the subject. 



The subject pops against the clean background. 


7)  Do not use a collage.  

  • You have a small amount of space to entice customers, so choose one great visual that will invite them into your page.  



8)  Place your logo on a 3x2 Canvas (hint: 1280 x 1920-pixels is a 3x2 ratio)

  • A cropped logo looks unprofessional.


This logo does not fit within the 3x2 ratio.



This logo was placed on a 3x2 canvas, and now it fits within the entire frame.  

Follow these tips and you will choose a stunning visual to represent your business! 

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