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Where's My QR Code? - for Customers of a Vagaro Business



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    Krystal Welch

    Hi there, I am looking for a QR code as a Vagaro business. That I can put on my business card or marketing material. Is it possible to get a QR code that can take people directly to my booking calendar? Thanks

  • Avatar
    Kimberly Banow

    Hi, Krystal! You can generate your own QR code this way:

    1. Go to the Settings > Business Profile screen.

    2. Copy your Vagaro URL (e.g., www.vagaro.com/myurl).

    3. Paste your Vagaro URL in a QR code generator. There are lots of free ones on Google.

    I hope that helps! If you need additional assistance, feel free to contact support@vagaro.com.


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