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Create Automatic Birthday Email Campaigns



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    Tara Beaucage

    How do I add a discount code into the email that is unique to each birthday recipient? What about adding the expiry date so they use it within two weeks? Once they have received the email, what are the next steps?

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    Jamie Bennett

    Hi Tara, you aren't able to send each customer a unique promo code with each email. However, you can ensure that each customer who's received the promo code can only use it once with the Limit to One Use Per Person setting.

    For your question about the expiration date, there is an option to set an expiry date, but this is a set date and will not change based on when the customer receives the promo code. As a workaround, you can create a code that expires after 2 weeks to one month to even one year, then announce a campaign with that code. You'll then need to update your promo code when it expires and then reannounce the campaign with the new code. This is a bit more manual effort than you wanted, but that is my current suggestion. 


    For the next steps question, any customer who receives your code can purchase a service or class and use the promo code for a discount. They can also use the promo code in-house. Note that promo codes only apply to purchasable items. Your customer will not be able to use a promo code at online checkout if you don't require a deposit or the customer doesn't pay for the service in full. 

    Here are some articles covering what I mentioned above:

    Hopefully, this answers all your questions. Feel free to reach out if you need any more help.




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