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    Jessica Kim

    Can I create a promo code for limited # of customers? For example, the first 20 can apply the promo code. Is it possible to set up in Vagaro?

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    Ahsan Qazi

    Hello Jessica! Thank you for your question. Yes, you can create a promo code for a limited number of customers. To create a promo code for a limited number of customers, follow the steps below :

    1. Navigate to Settings > Things We Sell > Discounts.
    2. Click New Discount to add a new discount.
    3. Enter the Discount Name or title, a Description, and select the Date & Time you want to make the discount available to customers.
    4. Select Discount Has an Expiration Date to set a date and time for the discount to expire.
    5. Toggle Create Promotion Code for Online Shopping Cart to create a Promo Code that customers can use when shopping on your online booking page. Please note that to use a Promo Code, you must activate the Online Shopping Cart. If you have not activated the Online Shopping Cart, here is the link that walks you through activating your Online shopping cart.
    6. Toggle Limit Total Number of Uses On (green) to set the number of times a discount can be used. This is where you can set the limit to a total number of uses.

     We have provided all these steps in Create Preset Discounts article that you can refer to anytime.  

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