How to Create a New Invoice (On the Vagaro Pro App)




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    Tamara Creighton

    Is there a way to send the invoice (and reminders) to another email address? I have a company I do chair massage for--they would like scheduling info and reminders to go to one person, invoices to another. Also, it would be great if the date of service and memo message was printed on the invoice. Please advise. Thanks!

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    Charles I

    Hi Tamara. The invoice and reminders are going to be sent to the one email that's on file for that customer. I would recommend submitting a feature request:

    As a workaround, you can change the customer's email address temporarily, send the invoice to the email you prefer at that point and then change it back to the original email address once the invoice is sent.  

    Secondly, you can add a message to the Invoice to include any information you want the customer to know. 

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