Waitlist - How to Create a Waitlist in Vagaro (On the Desktop Version)




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    Jennifer Sharp

    This is AWESOME!!! The video does make it so easy to start using.


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    Tonya Atkinson

    I really liked being able to Wait-list them "on the schedule" where they wanted their appointment to be and see it there. I just tried to Wait-list Judy for a brow wax at noon on January 28th. She wants Noon on the 28th. Not anytime in a 3 hour block. 

    And being able to see it on the day and at the time she wants is more helpful than hidden in notifications. There is a higher likeliness that the Wait-list clients will be forgotten. Unless I allow automated. But automated will offer Judy the 10 AM and 10:15 AM slots she has already turned down.... 

    Is there no way to Wait-list her for a specific time? And an option to see it on the schedule, like before?

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    Charles I

    Thank you Jennifer! 

    Hi Tonya. I will send your request to our management team. At this point, once you create the waitlist from the calendar, it gets added to the Notifications Panel as you already know, but the system does consistently display all your account notifications making it easy to remember and see all the waitlist appointments.

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