Cancellation Fee - How to Charge a Cancellation Fee by Adding it as a Service (On the Desktop Version)




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    Cass Pierro

    I appreciate the idea of creating a "cancellation fee service" as a way to charge for no-shows, however, there still needs to be a way of informing the client of the cancellation policy through the auto texts. Yes, I understand Vagaro allows us to add the policy in the custom email in addition to our booking site, but text messaging is most commonly used as a form of confirmations and reminders; therefore, is MOST important when it comes to informing customers of the policy. I also understand that the receptionist could be in charge of verbally explaining the cancellation policy upon booking, however it needs to be in writing so that there are no claims of the client "not knowing" about the policy. If it were in the confirmation text message, and the client responds to confirm, then there is no question that they've seen the policy and thus cannot contest the no-show charge later. 

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    Charles I

    Hi Cass. Thank you so much for the feedback. I'll forward this over to the management team. 

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