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    Lexi H.

    Lately, the cancellation fee section has not popped up when I would cancel an appointment so it doesn’t allow me to charge them. I had to go into checkout and charge it as a service, but then the clients gets points if they cancel & it looks like i gave them a discount.

    I know that i can add a cancellation fee option at checkout but the percentages are not correct with the amount that i charge.

    Please fix this. How can this be resolved?

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    Jamie Bennett

    Hi Lexi, 
    Do you have your cancellation settings configured? You will need to make sure that Capture Credit Card settings is configured to charge cancellation fees. In Online Shopping Cart settings, Require Deposit or Capture Credit Card at time of Booking Services should be set to Capture Credit Card.

    You mentioned that percentages are not correct with the amount that you charge. Can you please explain?

    Thank You,




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