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    Di Di Payne

    This report is useless. LOL. 

    I hate that we have to make a new forum for something that is similar. 

    I need to be able to run a report that shows All appointments that are NOT checked out or showing pending. I need to be able to see the actual person / date of the appointment that is not checked out. Sometimes I check out appointments in the mobile app and they do not check out on the web and therefore the reporting is off. How can I get a report like that? 

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    Charles I

    Hi Di Di. 

    In this case, I would also advise doing this from the customer's profile, but you would have to run this report from the web version. Follow these steps: 

    • Click Customers at the top of the screen. 
    • Select the customer. 
    • Click the Appointments tab.
    • Click the All Statuses option. Then select the status. This allows you to print the report based on the status you prefer. 
    • Once you've selected the filter you want to apply, click Search. At the top-right of the screen, you can export the list to an Excel file or print a copy for your records. 

    You would have to do this individually for each customer but you would at least be able to see each customer's appointments based on the status. I can send a feature request to our development team. 

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