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How to Apply for Credit Card Processing

How to Apply for Credit Card Processing


Vagaro now offers newer plans for credit card processing. This forum will cover the steps on how to apply for an account. Having credit card processing allows you to take advantage of features like being able to sell products and gift certificates online, storing credit card for easier checkout, and enforce a cancellation or no show policy by requiring a credit card online when an appointment is booked. 


 1. To get started hover over Settings and go to Credit Card Application.


2. Click on Enabled and then click Start Your Credit Card Application


3. Click on Sign Up below the merchant account that better suits your business. 


4. Fill out the required fields. The more information that is entered the faster the application will go through. After you have filled out the information click Submit.



After you click Submit you will get a popup to start filling out more details.


1. Fill out the required fields, then click Validate and Next Step


2. Continue to fill out the information and click Validate and Next Step


3. When entering the Date of Issuance make sure to follow this format dd/mm/yyyy

After filling out the required information click Validate and Next Step


4. This page will require you to enter in your Average Ticket(transaction) Amount. If you are not sure, the industry average that we calculated is $57.

It is recommended to leave the default entered information in this section. 

Click Validate and Next Step.


5. Enter in your banking routing information. This can typically be found on your checks or your banks website.

Then click Validate and Next Step.


6. This will be the final step.You will need to sign the documents to complete the application process.

Click the box and hold down your mouse to draw your signature. If using a tablet, you can sign with your finger. 

Check the required boxes

Enter your Full Name then click All Done, Submit Documents

Once you submit the application you can expect a response within the same day. Once your account has been approved you can call 800-919-0157x2 to place the order for the credit card reader.



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