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Recurring Packages

Vagaro lets you sell recurring packages to clients and also set them up for automatic payments. This feature is currently available on the full site only, but will be available on Vagaro Pro app soon. This forum will walk you through the steps on how to sell and manage your recurring automatic packages.


The recurring packages can be setup for monthly or yearly payments which is a great way to increase your profits! With these packages, your customers can pay a recurring fee (automatically charged to their credit card each month) and receive a certain number of visits for the service specified. 

To learn more on how to sell and manage recurring packages click on one of the links below:

Selling Recurring Packages

1. To sell a recurring package start by going to Checkout. Select the Customer and then click on +Package



2. Select the Service/Class

3. Set the No of Visit(s) and adjust the dollar amount if necessary.

4. Choose if it will be set up for Auto Renew

5. Choose the Renewal Frequency for either Monthly or Yearly. 

6. When choosing either Monthly or Yearly you will have the option to allow clients to Carry their remaining Balance Forward to the next month/year. This will let customers accumulate their visits in case they are not used.

7. After you have made your selections click Next.


8. Recurring Packages with a price greater than $0 will require a card to be put on file. Enter in the Credit Card Details and then click Add. 



9. Proceed with Checkout. The first purchase of a recurring package can be paid with cash, card or check, but the card information needs to be entered for their future automatic payments. 



Managing Recurring Packages

You can manage and edit packages at any time by going to Reports - All ReportsPackages 


This report will show you information like the Purchase Date, Initial AmountBalanceNo. of Visit(s) RemainingExpiration On date, StateRenewal FrequencyStatus and what the Next Payment Date is.

  1. To make adjustments to the package click on Action.
  2. You can now EditIncrease Limit, Decrease LimitHistory, Void package or Stop Renewal 


When you choose Action, Edit:

  • You can change the Service/Class that is attached to the package as well as the Renewal frequency
  • Change will Effect allows you to pick if you want the changes to effect the current outstanding package or the next renewal.
  • Increasing or Decreasing the No. of Visit(s) lets you charge or refund clients directly from this popup (See Below).
  • After making any changes click Save.



Note: If you choose Next Renewal under 'Change will effect' you can manually change the Amount for their next payment.


When choosing to Increase the Limit  it will tell you the Amount to be paid by the customer. You can also choose the Email Receipt or Print Receipt. After confirming the amount click Next. This will prompt you with the popup to enter in the payment details for the client. Enter in the details and click Charge Amount


When decreasing the limit  it will tell you the Amount to be refunded to the client. After confirming the amount click Refund. This will bring up the refund popup. To learn how to perform a refund click on this link 


Additional Information

All payments will be processed at night (after 12AM Pacific Time) and money will be deposited in the account of the business owner.

When a payment is successful or fails both the business and the customer will receive an email.


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