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Portfolio/Gallery Best Practices


We review all Portfolio images submitted for quality assurance. The Vagaro team will make edits to the images for lighting, color and other purposes when necessary, but if the description is unrelated to the service being showcased, it will be denied. Your portfolio images will post automatically to your page and if you follow these guidelines, they will also be showcased on Vagaro’s Gallery.



1. Clearly state the service you are showcasing.

2. Upload a high-resolution image.

3. Use a simple wall or background.

4. Photograph your subject using natural looking light that is not harsh.



1. No Flash please! Flash creates a bright spot on the subject, creating harsh looking light.

2. Cluttered backgrounds make for confusing photos

3. Leave the frames out. We want to showcase your work, not a frame.

4. Putting text on top of your images is not only distracting, but all of your info is already posted with your portfolio images.

5. We want to see YOUR work, so no stock or stolen images.

6. Your portfolio should only be images of services.

7. Be proud of your portfolio, so no blurry or poor-resolution photos.

8. No need for collages. You can add up to three images and create as many portfolio images as you want.





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