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Automated Email Marketing

This article will demonstrate how to utilize our Automated Email Marketing feature, which is found by clicking on Marketing then Create Email/Promotions.

Watch the video or follow the steps below for instructions on Email Marketing


Once there, select Create New Email or Promotion


Next, select Automated Email


Enter in a the email subject line.


Three Types of Automation

Birthday allows you to send an email to your customers for their birthday up to thirty days in advance.


Lost Customer checks to see who has not come in for the selected range of time you choose and emails them. This gives you the opportunity give them a special discount for coming back.

Note: This option ONLY works if you CHECKOUT your customers. Otherwise the system will assume the customer has not come in for any visits in the past. 


Thank You sends a thank you email up to a week after a customers visit. You can create these for First Time customers as well as customers who visit regularly.


Choose either Send to All Customer or Send to a Filtered List.

If you select Send to All Customers skip below to Select Email Template.


Filtered List

If you select Send to a Filtered List continue reading. You will see a detailed filter appear. You can sort by Customer Since, Amount Paid, Customers of Employees or Age Between.

For Age Between adjusting the age range by sliding the scale.


To filter by Past Services / Classes click in this section for the drop-down menu to appear. 


Select the services from the drop-down menu, click click Apply.


When finished, you will see them in the Past Services / Classes field.


Select a Template

Select a template category from a drop-down menu and then pick a theme.


Select a module to add to your email. Simply drag the module from the left into the area of the email you want it.


Here is a larger view of the module to select.


When adding an image module you will have the option to Upload a new image or Select from Gallery


Choose either Upload Image or select a folder and choose an image.


When you select your photo, you can adjust the size of it and add a hyperlink so when a person clicks on the picture it will take them to a website or download a file. Click Save when done.


Now you can rearrange the modules if necessary by dragging a module up or down.


Select the Pencil icon to Edit the module or the Trash icon to Delete the module.


To preview the email and see what it looks like from a person's computer without all the editing options or spaces click the Preview tab with the computer screen.


To see what the email looks like on a mobile phone, click on the mobile phone tab.


Select the time you wish the email to be sent out.


Now you can Send Preview Email to yourself, Save For Later, or Annouce it.

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