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Scheduling A Class Online

Class Scheduling is Here!

  • You can now create classes with different sessions and pricing
  • Employees can offer salon and spa services as well as classes
  • Customers can book and prepay for classes online
  • Customers can book on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Vagaro will send automatic email, text reminders and notifications


Scheduling A Class Online


1. Customers can book their class by clicking on the Book 24/7 tab. They can then choose the class they wish to attend under Classes and choose the Service Provider (optional). Customers have the option to pick which Date they would like to attend their class (by choosing from the calendar or viewing the classes be weeks). 


2. When a customer has chosen which class date and time they want to attend, they click Sign Up for the Session.


3. After the customer chooses how many sessions they would like to attend, they choose how many # of Sessions they would like, how often they would like to take the class (this can be Every week or month), a Start Date, and Number of Attendees. Then click Checkout.


4. A Confirm Order screen will come up after you click Checkout. You can choose to Continue Shopping if you would like to add more classes, Cancel Order if you've changed your mind about attending the class, or Request Order to confirm your class.



Option to Pay Online


1. If attendees go to Settings and go down to Online Appointment Rules on the left side; there is an option to click a box that says Require Credit Card for Online Class Booking. If this box is checked, this enables attendees to pay for their class when the book it.


2. After you book your class, the Confirm Order screen will come up. Confirm your order for the class is right and enter your Credit Card Information. Make sure to check the I Agree and Understand Terms and Conditions box and click Place Order.

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    Aramei Dragonsfyre

    Is there a way to enable pre-pay with creditcards but not REQUIRE it? I'd like it to be an option but not forced.

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