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How to Create and Setup Classes In Vagaro

Class Scheduling is Here!

  • You can now create classes with different sessions and pricing
  • Employees can offer salon and spa services as well as classes
  • Customers can book and prepay for classes online
  • Customers can book on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Vagaro will send automatic email, text reminders and notifications
  • Online booking on the Vagaro mobile app
  • Class management on Vagaro Pro mobile app
  • Packages and gift certificates for classes


Watch the video or follow the steps below for instructions on How to Create a Class


How to Create a Class

1. Hover over the Settings tab, and click on Service/Class Menu on the drop down menu.


 2. At the top left of the screen click Insert Services / Classes and from the drop down menu click
Insert Class.


3. After you choose Insert Class, choose either Add Vagaro Class to add existing Vagaro classes or Create Class to create a customized one.


Adding a Vagaro Class

1. After click Add Vagaro Class, choose which new classes you want to insert or click classes at the top to insert all. When you're finished, Click Save


Creating a Customized Class

1. From this screen choose Create Class.


2. Start customizing your class. Add a Title and Description of the class. Select a Resource (ex. Yoga mat, room number, gym side). You can add Taxation, the Cost of Business, Show Class Online, and the Color of the class on the Calendar.


3. You can choose the Number of sessions, set the Sell Price, and  Add New Sessions. You can set who this class is Preformed By, set the Duration, Points Given, and Points Redeem. 


Number of Sessions: When a customer goes to book a class online the price will adjust based on what you set up here. For example, the price of this class is $50. When we add a new session at 5 and prices it at $200, when a customer is booking online the price will be $50 until they hit 5, and then the price of any session afterwards, will be adjusted to $40.

4. When everything is set up, click Save.


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