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Restricting where Employee's Login From - Add Safe IP Addresses

Vagaro now offers a way to block ALL IP addresses from logging into your Vagaro account from the web version of Vagaro and the Vagaro Pro app, except those IP addresses you specifically setup as Safe IP Addresses. For example, you can keep service providers from logging into their account unless they are physically at your place of business. This forum will go over how to set up a trusted IP as well as explain the new access level associated with this feature.

Note: This will only work if you have a static IP address. Dynamic IP addresses will not work. Please check with your internet service provider and find out if you have a Static or Dynamic IP address.

If you have a dynamic IP (constantly changing) it will not allow anyone to log in since your internet provider updates your IP on a regular basis. A static IP address is an address that does not change and it is something that would need to be purchased from your Internet Service Provider. With this feature you can add a Safe IP Address, which means that any IP addresses that is not listed as Safe will not be able to access your Vagaro account.

The account owner will not be affected by this feature, it will only affect service providers. 

1. To get started click on Settings then Employees, and Access Levels


2. To see what your IP address is click on Safe IP Addresses and it will display it in this section.


3. To add your IP to the trusted list click on Your IP Address. You can also click on +Add IP Address. Make sure to enter in the Location (e.g. Work, Home, Etc.). To add multiple IP addresses click on Add New IP, after you enter the IP addresses click Submit

Note: Only the Account Owner can perform this task.


If you need to temporarily disable access for a certain IP address you can mark it as Inactive. You can also Edit and Delete them if necessary.


When a provider tries to log in through the Vagaro Pro application and they do not have access to sign in through another IP address, they will see the following message. In order to access the system, they would need to connect to a WiFi network with a trusted IP address.


Access Level

The access level Login from any IP Address will allow the service provider to be able to access the system from any computer without a restriction to their IP. When this is checked, the IP white list will not apply to whoever it is assigned to.

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