How to Set Access Levels (On the Desktop Version)




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    Jennifer/Jared Wolfe

    We are running the main computer in our salon under my account,how can i make it so no one can get into my account and change settings?like other employees?

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    Daciel Rodriguez

    as a salon owner, i don't understand why employees have the option of having their phone number listed and the email address you guys need to consider that we pay for the profiles and they are employees or hairdressers who are not booth renters so they do not own the clients with so many hairdressers working at home  they have the ability to  get clients from the salon or simply we just want to manage our appointments book as a business, not the clients calling to their private phone number  if they rent ok but if they ar salon employess they should not have a phone on the profile only the salon number this is why vagaro charge the salon not the hairdresser 

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    Daniel C

    Hello Daciel,

    Employees sometimes need to contact each other off the clock, which is why we give the option to have their phone numbers on their profiles. Clients do not get the employee phone numbers by looking at their profile online, unless you turn this function on. You have the option to show this information or not online. Having the email requirement per employee profile is our way of making sure there is a unique login to each user, which is a must for us to have a secure network. This doesn't mean you can't make up a fake email, but it gives us some way of keeping track of clients, businesses, and employees if we need to.

    We don't charge the business for the personal information that we are storing for employee profiles. We are charging for the calendar usage, which more importantly, is tied to the free automated text and email reminder system. While this system is free to you and your employees, this is not free to us. The $10 per month you are seeing for adding a new service provider is covering the cost of their notifications.

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    Daciel Rodriguez

    ok employees know each other because they work together may be up to 12 hours a day  so they can ask each other's phone number my concern is not the employees contacting each other like i said  the employe should not have the option of going in the profile and adding their phone or email  unless they are both renters but hairdressers working for a salon on comission, not that means clients contacting then out of the book and making business on the side, unfortunately, that is the real world today they take clients home and charge less and we as a salon owners pay taxes rent and everything else a bussiness needs to survive  


    but i will log in as a client and see what they can see on the profile because the hairdresser have the option to go and put the phone number back even is i take that option as admin  thanks you guys can consider that  for salon owners protection 

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