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Explanation of Employee Access Levels

Vagaro allows Account Owners to set Access Levels for each employee that is added to the business. Access Levels are permissions/roles that can be customized so that you can restrict your employees from viewing and/or editing certain things on your business account. The business owner account always has full access.

The access levels allow for the option to View or Modify each level of Vagaro. Some access levels will allow you to see your coworkers' appointment books and some will allow access to change things in other appointment books. If the left check box is checked, the employee will only be able to view the section. The check box on the right in turn will allow for the modification of any setting/information that is checked.

This is also where you can set your account to log out after a certain amount of time or to never log out.



1. Manage Other's Profile - This role will allow the employee to edit the employee profiles of others. This includes name, email, password, contact information, hours and services.

2. Manage Own Profile - This role will allow the employee to edit their own profile. This includes name, email, password, contact information, hours and services.

3. Role Management - This role will allow the employee to view/edit Access Levels.

4. Business Management - Allows the employee to view/edit the Business Profile and Facility Information.

5. Service(s) / Resource(s) / Service Bundle(s) Management - This will allow the employee to add/edit/delete Service(s) / Resource(s) / Service Bundle(s).

6. Style Management - Styles on the Styles & Treatment page can be added/edited/deleted.

7. Email Marketing Management - Promotional, Private, and Recurring emails can be created/edited/deleted.

8. Calendar Configuration Management - This allows the employee to change they way the calendar page is displayed. They would also be able to turn on/off tracking for customer retention. These settings are business wide (it will affect all employees).

9. Control His/Her Own Calendar - The employee will be able to view/edit their own calendar. Giving them access to this will allow them to edit and move their appointments and personal tasks.

10. Control Other People's Calendar - This will allow the employee to view/edit other employee's calendars, which will allow them to edit and move the appointments and personal tasks.

11. Ability To 'Undo Checkout' For Appointments - Gives the ability to undo an appointment that has been checked out (can not undo services that are paid by credit card that is being processed through Vagaro and products can not be undone). 

12. Customer Management - Gives the ability to view/add/edit/delete customer's profiles. If both boxes are unchecked employees will only be able to see first and last names of customers.

13. Ability To Add or Modify Customer Notes - Allows the employee to view/edit/add/delete customer notes (Allergy, Formulas, General, and Pop-Up Notes).

14. Customer Checkout - Gives the employee the ability to checkout customer(s).

15. Ability To Run Own Reports - Allows the employee to run his/her own reports.

16. Ability To Run Other's Reports - Allows the employee to run other employee's reports.

17. Time Card Screen - Allow employee to access the time card report and make alterations such as clocking in and out.

18. Inventory - Allow an employee to view the inventory list and make changes.

19. Website Builder - Allows permission to customize the Vagaro Booking Page (the custom site is an extra $10 per month).

20. Gift Certificate - Allows permission to create and/or edit gift certificates in the gift certificate management screen. Gift Certificates created from the management screen do not require payment.

21. Package Management - This allows access to the reports for packages to edit packages that have already been purchased.

22. Credit Card Processing - Allow an employee access to the API Login and Transaction keys for the business which dictates which merchant account the credit card transactions go into.

23. Cancellation & No Shows Report - Allow employee to see who cancelled an appointment and when under the reports section.

24. Control His/Her Own Push Notification History - Allows for employee to control his/her own push notification history on their Vagaro Pro app.

25. Message Plans (For UK and Australian Customers) - Allows for the enabling and disabling of the paid message plans.

26. Manage Shopping Cart - This allows employees to enable and disable the online shopping cart. The Online Shopping Cart is an additional $10 per month (requires merchant account).

27. Pending Shipment Report - This allows access to the pending shipment report.

28. Membership Management - Allow employee to edit membership plans.

29. Ability To Run Own Payroll - Allow employee to see their own payroll.

30. Ability To Run Other's Payroll - Allow employee to see other employee's payroll.

31. Dashboard - Allow employee to view the dashboard and change the widgets that appear on the dashboard.

32. Ability To Accept Own Appointments - Allow an employee to accept their own appointment requests.

33. Ability To Accept Other's Appointments - Allow an employee to accept appointment requests for others.

34. Login from any IP address - Allows an employee to login from any network (home, work, mobile data).

35. Manage Widget - Allows an employee to customize the booking widget that can be added to a website.

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    Jennifer/Jared Wolfe

    We are running the main computer in our salon under my account,how can i make it so no one can get into my account and change settings?like other employees?

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