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Pop-Up Notes

In Vagaro you have 3 different types of notes:

1) Appointment Comment - These are comments that are specific to the current appointment only. These are NOT saved in the customer profile, they are only attached to the appointment.

2) General, Allergy, & Formula Notes (Yellow) - This are non-critical notes that you can save in the customer's profile for future reference. There is no limit on the number of these notes that can be saved in the customer's profile. On the customer's appointment they will be indicated with a Yellow Note icon.

3) Pop-Up Notes (Red) - These are critical notes that you want to see right away when looking at the appointment on the screen. Examples would be a customer forgot their sunglasses and they are in the storage room or you need to update some information on their profile the next time they call or come in. You can have a maximum of 2 Pop-Up Notes.

This forum will explain how to setup the 3rd type of notes Pop-Up Notes.

Note: Currently available on the Website Version of Vagaro only. These Pop-Up Notes will be added to the next release of the Vagaro Pro apps for Android, iOS, and KindleFire devices.

Here is a video on creating notes as well as pop-up notes 

Adding a Pop-up Note

1. When booking a new appointment select Notes


2. On the Notes screen select Add a note


3. Select Popup Notes, then type in your note and click Save


4. When you have added the note you will see it on the screen


5. After booking the appointment, you will see a red note on all appointments for that customer, when you mouse over the note you will see your pop-up note.


Now whenever you book an appointment for that customer you will see the pop-up note


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  • Avatar
    Lacy Shields

    So Happy its finally here!

  • Avatar

    I expected a pop-up when the time hit the client's appointment, or when I checked in a client with a pop-up note added - not just when hovering over the note. We would love to actually have the note pop up on the screen once client is checked in so whoever is working the computer sees the pop-up and take necessary action.

  • Avatar
    Lacy Shields

    I agree, it should pop up on the screen. Its not really helping just giving it a different color than yellow. Please make it pop up on screen!

  • Avatar
    Cass Pierro

    Can you verify whether or not the client can see the appointment comment on their end? For example, if the receptionist adds a note about the client/service in the appt comment, will the client be able to see it when they log on to view their appts?

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