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Online Gift Certificate for Services

We offer the ability for clients to purchase gift certificates two different ways; 1) Dollar Amount or 2) Based on a Service. By default both are active on all Vagaro accounts once you have setup merchant services.

To Turn the Gift Certificates based on a Service ON / OFF for your booking page and website, follow the instructions below.

Note: All Gift Certificates based on a Service will have the price set to the lowest price offered for that particular service. So if you have service providers that charge different prices for the same service, you may want to turn this option OFF.


1. Click on Settings, then Taxes & Checkout 


2. Click the check box to Enable Gift Certificate Based on Services.


3. Click Save.


4. Once you Enable gift certificates based on services, customers will see the option to select a gift certificate By Service instead of a flat amount.

Note: All Gift Certificates based on a Service will be sold for the lowest price offered on that particular service.



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