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Change Service Provider Order for Online Booking


Vagaro now allows you to select the sort order which service providers appear when customers are booking appointments, in other words, which service providers show up first when someone selects a service.

This forum will go over the different options available for automatic sorting and will also show examples of how each options appears to the customer.


1. To get started go to Settings then click Online Appointment Rules.


2. Next to Service Provider Order click on the drop down menu.

There are four options to choose from: 

1) First Available Appointment

2) Website Employee Line Up

3) Best Reviewed Service Provider

4) Service Provider Alphabetical Order



3. Once you have made your selection click Save.


First Available Appointment

When selecting First Available Appointment it will sort the available times from earliest to latest time.


Website Employee Line Up

Whenever Website Employee Line Up is selected it will sort the available times based off of the order set in the Employee Line Up setting is set to. (Follow the next step to learn how to change the Line Up)


To change the Website Employee Lineup go to Settings, and then click on Website Employee Lineup. Select the Employee you want to move and then click on the Up or Down arrow to move them.


Best Reviewed Service Provider

When Best Reviewed Service Provider is selected it will sort the available times from the provider with the most reviews to the least amount of reviews.


Service Provider Alphabetical Order

When Service Provider Alphabetical Order is selected it will sort the available times by the providers first name in alphabetical order.

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