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What is a Domain Name and How Do I Get One?

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name is an easy way for your customers to find and remember your website. When you become a Vagaro customer, we give you a free website. To go to the free website, customer will type in something like Maybe that is too much for a customer to remember and you want something simple like; that is a Domain Name.

How do I get a Domain Name?

Go to and register your domain name. Then email us at with your login information for your domain and your business name on Vagaro so we can forward your domain name to your Vagaro website. If you need any help just call us at (800) 919-0157 x2.

How to link your Personal Domain Name (e.g to your Vagaro website

If you have a personal domain name that you would like people to use to find your Vagaro website, you will need to use a feature that is called "Domain Forwarding". The instructions below explain how to use Domain Forwarding on Vagaro Domains.

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