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What Kinds of Custom Website Designs Can I Have?

Customers have the following options when it comes to a custom booking page. It is $10/mo to host a custom page, but your design is all up to you! Your page will look unique and will stand as its own webpage without the Vagaro branding on top. It can act as a standalone page, not just as an extension of Vagaro, and will include all of the same tabs (Staff, Services, Gift Certificates, etc.). It's a great option for businesses that want to give themselves a boost or just a more unique look. 


1.) Choose one of our pre-made themes. These themes appear at the top of the website builder and come in different categories, including Hair, Beauty & Spa, Nails, etc. 

2.) Use the Website Builder to play with your own graphics and choose colors for the layout. Feel free to play with this; you won't be charged the monthly $10 until your next billing cycle.

3.) If you do not see a pre-made template that you like or wish to have a designer help you create a design for you, you can contact Vagaro and speak with a designer. There is a one time $100 fee for a custom design, and unlike the pre-made templates, your design will be specific to your own business and is one of a kind. 


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    Jonna T. Williams, LMT, RMI

    Is it possible to see a sample of a custom website design by a Vagaro designer? I would like to see the difference in the templates and a custom site.

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    Kristal Pitts

    I would like to add multiple text sections on the banner that you can position with the mouse instead of just middle top bottom..

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