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Ship Products Sold from Your Online Shopping Cart

Ship Products Sold from Your Online Shopping Cart


There are three parts to your Online Shopping Cart, this article will go over how to ship products sold from your online shopping cart, view the reports, and track the shipments.


If you have not done the initial steps setup for your Online Shopping Cart, please click on these links, otherwise you can begin following the steps below:


1. When an order is placed you will get a notification on your calendar, go over to Important Notifications and select Pending Shipment.



2. You will now arrive on the Pending Shipment screen which is located under Reports.  This picture details each part of this screen.



3. Under Order Status click on Pending.



4. When you select Pending you will then have the option to set the status to Shipped



5. Once you have changed the Order Status to Shipped you can then add the Tracking Number. If you have multiple products using the same Tracking Number you can click on the down arrow to copy the Tracking Number to all products. This complete the shipping & tracking process.



Please note: If you refund the product it will change the order status to Refunded automatically. To refund a product, please refer to this article:

 You can refer to the other articles for the Online Shopping Cart here:

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