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Setup Your Online Shopping Cart

Setup Your Online Shopping Cart

There are three parts to your Online Shopping Cart, this article will go over the setup. The setup includes how to activate your shopping cart, add in your merchant services API Login and Transaction Key so customer's can purchase using their credit card, setup the preferred shipping method, and detail your Refund & Return Policy.

Once you have finished this setup process, you can continue by clicking on these two articles:


1. Click on Settings.



2. From the Settings Menu Select Online Shopping Cart.



3. On the Online Shopping Cart screen select the check box next to Sell Products Online (It is an extra $10 USD per month to use this feature)



4. Now you will see a section for a Login API and Transaction Key, you will input your Login API and Transaction Key. You can use your current Vagaro merchant account if you think your sales for online sales will be less than $1,000 a month. If you think it will be more than $1,000 per month, you will need to sign-up for an eCommerce Merchant Account.



5. Under Shipping setting, you will select your desired Shipping Method



 6. Under Refund and other policy, type in your return policy for your Online Shopping Cart. 


7. Click Save at the bottom right of the screen when you're done.


Add Your Shopping Cart to the Book 24/7 Widget and Facebook App

1. To install the Book 24/7 Widget go to Marketing


2. Select Book 24/7 Widget Builder



3. Customize the widget to match your website, then click Save (Click on Book 24/7 Widget Builder for instructions on how to customize the widget)


4. On the Generate Widget screen select the tabs you want to display, make sure Products is selected. Then click Next



5. On the Widget Code screen you will click Copy Code and then paste to where you would like it on your website.



6. Now your widget will appear on your website with a Products Tab


7. When you select the Products Tab your products are listed. (Note: If you do not see any products, don't worry, we discuss that in the next forum Add Products to Your Online Shopping Cart).

8. The Products Tab will automatically appear on the Facebook Widget if it is installed on your Facebook page. See example below. (Click this link to learn how to install the Book 24/7 Facebook App)



Once you have finished this setup process, you can continue by clicking on these two articles:

Add Products to Your Online Shopping Cart

Ship Products Sold from Your Online Shopping Cart

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