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Membership Automatic Rebill and Reports

This article will go over how billing is done for memberships as well as where to see when their payment went through.


Automatic Billing

Memberships have recurring charges which can be set as “Yearly” or “Monthly”.  The customer will be automatically billed every month or year, depending on your settings. Whenever the customer is charged, both the customer and the business will receive an email when their credit card is automatically charged or if it the card failed. You can view the customers billing cycle by going to the customer's profile or the transactions list.


If you have not set up your Memberships, click on the link below:

To learn more about refunds, click on the link below: 


Membership Reports

Membership Reports can be viewed in the Transactions List and the Customer Management Section


Customer Management Section

1. Click on Customers.



2. Select a Customer then click on the Membership tab.



3. In this section, you will be able to see when a membership was added, when the customer was charged for the membership, and see the status of their membership.



Transaction List 

1. Click on Reports then Transactions List 



2. In the transactions list, you can see when the customer paid for their membership, as well as when their membership was renewed. You can filter the list to view customers that have memberships. Click on Transaction Type, select Membership, then click on Search.


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  • Avatar
    Carol Nace

    Initially I was really excited to see a membership program available. Now, I am completely disappointed and even looking to leave Vagaro as my booking system. I wanted to model a prepaid monthly service program for clients, but came to learn that this functionality only bills the client to be a part of the membership, earning them % off services that they have to pay for at the time they book. Where this may work in a product intensive spa, for service intensive spas it would be beneficial to have clients prepaid for services they want each month. After talking with a couple of support staff, there appears to be no good work around for this situation without creating an absolute administrative nightmare for myself.

    Now, off to eat crow with my clients as I tell them that the monthly program is on hold until I can get a new booking system in place. (that is only 3 months old too)

  • Avatar
    julie bundy

    this is the worst... ive been trying to cancel membership for 2 weeks mow... i was trying before i got charged but i got charged anyways... still trying to cancel as of today... no help just a link that isnt very user friendly... ive not impressed... julie bundy... how do i cancel!!!!!

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