How to Sell and Redeem a Membership (On the Desktop Version)




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    Corinne Bracko

    Is there a payment form that we need to have a client sign off on for this for legal purposes?

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    Sunrise Tanning

    THANK GOD!  Will a notification pop up if their payment bounces?  Will it automatically try to draw again the next business day? 

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    Thanks for including this feature. We had been using Customized Vagaro Services to keep track of Memberships. We will be testing this feature for few of our members next month to see how it goes. Here are some concerns:

    1. As Corinne Bracko,asked we would need to get a signed consent (paper form) from the client's in order to authorize the credit card auto payments mostly for legal purposes. We have created our own membership form and have been using it.

    2. Is it possible to send out an email notification once the client signs up for the Membership? This should be a system generated email.

    3. If for some reason credit card transaction does not go through then will the system notify the business owner?

    4. Can we sent out automated emails to the members if their credit card is expiring before the next auto payment date?

    I will certainly send some more feedback after our test run.



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    Trisha White

    Will there be a manual credit card charge option in the future so we can manually charge in another merchant account (example: Square)?

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    If you give points for a Membership, do the points get applied each time the customer is billed or only when the membership is activated?

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    Melissa May Dominguez

    I would like to know the answers to all of these questions as well. Does Vagaro not respond to these questions?

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    Renee Knipp

    Can anyone from Vagaro please answer these questions?

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    Shae Figueroa

    I would love to know the answers to this as well. Also, can you create a way to select the services for the membership?
    For example... membership includes 1 brazilian was, either an upper lip, underarm or brazilian touch up, 10% off facials....when they go to check out it is a zero balance - very easy to make a mistake and not charge clients for services.

    Maybe a column for what is free and what is discounted... and maybe a way to track if it's their second time in so they get charged for it... I feel like this has too much room for error right now.

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    Kerry Tierney

    I would like a fixed amount option as opposed to just a percentage. Is that possible?

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    Sandra Harwood

    Just wondering whats the point in posting if no one from Vagaro is going to answer, only signed up today it puts me off the company knowing that they don't respond. I can't even find this option on my account, simply not there.

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    Daniel C

    Hello Sandra,

    The reason why you do not see the Membership function is because your business is located outside of the US. We currently do not have merchant services outside of the US, which is required for that function to work. As such, we will continue to hide that function until merchant services is available to your country and this function becomes viable.

    As for the response to Chetan Gadkari:

    1) Creating a function for forms is a major project that we are looking at. We currently intend to incorporate a few functions regarding this. This will include SOAP notes and the ability to store images, photos, etc. 

    2) There is not a direct way to send automated or mass emails out to clients by membership. The only work around I can think of for this is to put general tags onto your members and use the general tag function for your email marketing. I will be moving something up directly to our development team to see if we can expand upon our existing filters to include these filters.

    3) The business and the client are notified by email if the membership fails. Like our software, the client is given a 7 day grace period to resolve this with the business.

    4) We will not be able to do things like display the expiration date, but we are currently working with the banks to get a system that will automatically update a card's expiration.

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