How to Select a Text Message Plan (For Businesses in Australia and the UK)




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    Susan Davis Ferrell

    The "choose mobile provider" box has disappeared. Are we now being forced to pay for the text notifications? I seriously do not mind adding a small amount of information to keep costs down. I will switch companies if this is the case.

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    Marie Kless

    I would like to be able to upload new pictures ( update) every month for clients to see our work and hopefully very soon we can sent text receipt to the clients not only via email.

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    Aeesha Robinson

    I can't find this option anywhere

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    Daniel C

    Hello Aeesha,

    This function is not relevant to businesses in the US or Canada, as we were able to work out an agreement with the phone companies to make this service free. This function is only relevant to the UK and Australia. Their text plans are not free.

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