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Email Pop-Up Error for an Email Address Already Assigned to a User

Email Pop-Up Error


You may be updating your client list with emails when you receive the message:

"Our record indicates that there is already a user with this email address. Vagaro does not allow more than one user with the same email address. If this is a sibling of the first user please use the 'CC appointment emails to' to select the sibling name that you want the emails to go to."

The email address is already in the system so this means you are trying to use an email address that is tied to an account already on Vagaro, maybe with another business. Instead of trying to edit the current customer you have on file and adding their email address, you need to 1) Add a New Customer Record  and 2) Merge their Old account with their New account.


Adding a New Customer Record


1. Go to Customers



2. Select Customer Management



3. Select New



4. On the Customer Information Screen input the customer's email



5. Once you enter the email, click in the first name field and you will get a pop up. Click OK on the pop up.

Our Records indicates that the entered email address belongs to a Vagaro user by the name of "Name of Customer". Is this the same person? By clicking Ok Vagaro will use the same profile that already exists for "Name of Customer".



6.  It will then fill in the rest of the customer's information and then you will click Update Changes



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Merge their Old account with their New account

1. Mouse over the Customers tab



2. Select Merge Customers



3. Click Continue on the pop up




4. The FROM profile information will be merged into the To profile information and in the bottom of the popup you will see a preview of what your customer's profile will look like once the process has been completed. Select the customer you want to merge who will get deleted in the first box --- select the customer you want to keep in the second box-> Click Save. (Vagaro allows the option to Delete the From customer after the merge, which is on by default. Leave the checkbox checked to delete the From customer after the merge.)



To see the changes of your client's profile, type in the client's name in the Select Customer. The client's email has now been saved with past appointments, notes, and other client information.



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