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Share a Copy of your Contacts with Another Vagaro Account

This option is when you have an employee that is moving from one Vagaro business to another Vagaro business. You can setup a special link that will allow them to import a copy of their contact's basic information like their name, phone number, email address and street address (no appointment histories, transaction information, notes or formulas are copied). By following the process below, it will email them a special link they can use on their new Vagaro account to import this limited contact information.

Share a Copy of your Contacts with Another Vagaro Account (Only the Account Owner can perform this step)

Here is a video explaining the process 

1. To start sharing from one account to another go to Customers then click Share with other Vagaro Account.



2. Select whose customers you wish to share. Enter the name of the person receiving the contacts, and their email address. The provider receiving the contacts can also copy the Import Key provided and paste it in the import section. After the information is entered, or the code is copied click Send.


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Import customers from another Vagaro account


1. Click on Customers then Import Customers.




2. Hover over Vagaro and click Import.



3. Enter in the Import Key given from the previous account then click Submit.



4. The names of your customers will come up and the system will tell you if an entry is invalid (red) and if the entry was Valid (green). Hovering over the red block will display why the entry is invalid.



5. After all of your contacts are valid click on Import.




6. If the customers need to be attached to a certain service provider, select the provider under the drop down menu. You can also invite all of the customers you imported, and let them know that you are using Vagaro by checking "Invite customers to your Vagaro booking page", after you are done click Proceed to start the import.


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