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Customer Profile Trouble Shooting

 Customer Management Troubleshooting

This article will help you manage your customers profiles if you get this error message while trying to add an email to an existing profile on your account "Our record indicates that there is already a user with this email address. Vagarodoes not allow more than one user with the same email address.If this is a sibling of the first user please use the "CC appointment emails to" to select the sibling name that you want the emails to go to.


If you have created a quick profile for your customer and now want to add the customers email to that profile, there is chance that the customer already has a profile on Vagaro. If this is the case, when you type their email into the email box, you will get this error. 




How to update customer's profile.

1. Click New  

2. Enter the email address only and click outside of the Email Address box. 

3. Click OK on the pop up "Our records indicates that the entered email address belongs to a Vagaro user by the

name of "Customer Name". Is this the same person? By clicking OK Vagaro will use the same profile that already

exists for "Customer Name" to bring this account into your system.




 4. Click Update Changes


Your quick profile may have some data on it, so we will want to merge it to the main account that we just brought

into your customer list.


 5. Go to Customers and click Merge Customers.

 6. Click Continue.

7. Select the quick profile in the Customer Merge From box.




 8. Select the Main profile in the Customer Merge To.

 9. Click Save to complete the merge.

 Your customer will now only have one profile, complete with the email address and their entire purchase history.


 This method will always work, unless the customer has logged into both accounts before. If the "Temp Login"

 information does not show on the customer's profile, it means they have logged into this account.

 If that is the case you must contact the Support Team to make the merge. Email 

A. Your business name

B. The name of the customer

C. The preferred email address of the customer







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    Alana Harper

    I would love it if you guys could allow us to merge two accounts ourselves, even if they've both been used. Clients always forget account info and make new ones.

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