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Merge Two Customer Accounts Together

How to Merge Two Customer Accounts or Profiles Together

Often customers will use multiple companies on Vagaro for things like Hair, Massage, Nails, Photography, etc. Customers only want to use 1 email address to manage all of their services and they can easily do this on Vagaro. Sometimes when a client first comes in and has services done with you, you may only capture their first and last name and not their email information. Then at a later date you decide to add it but Vagaro gives you a message this customer already exists. You must be thinking: "Help! I have the same clients in my system twice!" Well, we have a solution for you. To get this customer's main Vagaro account merged with the account you already created on your site, please follow these steps:


1. Mouse over the Customers tab



2. Select Merge Customers



3. Click Continue on the pop up




4. The FROM profile information will be merged into the To profile information and in the bottom of the popup you will see a preview of what your customer's profile will look like once the process has been completed. Select the customer you want to merge who will get deleted in the first box --- select the customer you want to keep in the second box-> Click Save. (Vagaro allows the option to Delete the From customer after the merge, which is on by default. Leave the checkbox checked to delete the From customer after the merge.)



To see the changes of your client's profile, type in the client's name in the Select Customer. The client's email has now been saved with past appointments, notes, and other client information.


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    Reginald Stephens

    What do you do if the client has a change of email, and vagaro won't let you change an email, nor will it let you merge two accounts together if they have both been logged into.....  I have one client that has 3 records..... 3 seperate emails, same phone number, no way to merge them.....

    Edited by Reginald Stephens
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    Reginald Stephens

    Also, unable to merge client with 2 records, cause one of them is a Service Provider or account owner.... One record has a name spelling error, same phone number, two different email addresses....

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    angela morgan

    i have been battling this same issue since some update years ago now! so frustrating.

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