How to Merge Customers




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    Reginald Stephens

    What do you do if the client has a change of email, and vagaro won't let you change an email, nor will it let you merge two accounts together if they have both been logged into.....  I have one client that has 3 records..... 3 seperate emails, same phone number, no way to merge them.....

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    Reginald Stephens

    Also, unable to merge client with 2 records, cause one of them is a Service Provider or account owner.... One record has a name spelling error, same phone number, two different email addresses....

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    angela morgan

    i have been battling this same issue since some update years ago now! so frustrating.

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    Ezen Goh

    NO POP UP AT STAGE 3.... I cant merge my customers! 

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    Daniel C

    Hello Ezen,

    The reason for this is because you turned off the popup function within your browser somewhere. This data is stored locally within your cookies and presets. To fix this, you need to clear all of your browser history / cookies / cache. Once you do this, the function will begin working again as normal. If you have further trouble with this, please feel free to get in contact with us at 800-919-0157 opt. 2 for support or email us at

    Best Regards,


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    Karen Bonavita

    I did the merge several days ago for 2 of my customers, including "delete from" and it worked the day i did it there were no duplicates in my customer list, and their names only showed up once when I searched their names in "select a customer".

    Today, I noticed that their names are back to showing up twice when I search them in "select a customer"  So I looked for them on the "customer list" page to see if they were un-merged somehow, and they are still merged, each customer is only on the "customer list" once, but why are they back to showing twice in the search?  I'm afraid i'll select the wrong one when i am booking them.  

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    Jennifer L

    Ive looked for answers but I do not see any. 


    Is there a way to see accounts with same phone, email or name? It would be nice to be able to print off ONLY the multiple, so we can go delete or merge easily.  There are prob more features that are more  important, just looking for efficient (aka lazy) ways :)

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    Charles I

    Hi Jennifer. You can run a Customer List report and use the Name and Cell/Day/Night Phone filters to filter the report by customers with just that information. Click Run Report when you're finished. 

    You can't have multiple customers with the same email so you won't be able to use the Email filter. 

    Click this link for more information:

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