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Email Address Sharing For Customers

You can use this feature for sharing an email address with more than one customer. 

Sometimes you may have customers with kids or family members who need to be managed with one email address. This is how you can share an email since you cannot have 2 accounts for customers with the same email address.

* The "Email Sharing" feature of Vagaro is designed to provide the option of connecting customers within Vagaro under the same email. Sharing an email address between multiple customers can be useful in managing customers who do not have an email address, do not want to supply an email address, or for clients who routinely come in with additional people. It allows for appointment and billing reminders to be centralized to one individual.

An example would be: A mother who is already in the Vagaro system comes in with her daughter who is looking to book an appointment.The appointment will be for a hair styling appointment for her daughter's prom that will be happening in a few days. In this situation let's say the daughter doesn't have an email address, all of her other information will get entered into the system but instead of creating her a new email address, she can share her mother's. The Email Sharing feature will make it so the mother's email is now the same for both of them, when the reminder for the appointment is sent out the notification/confirmation will be sent to the shared email address in Vagaro.

1. Go to Customers to find the customer you want to add an email to Select "Edit".




2. Select the customer that you would like to send the emails to from the "CC appointment emails to" drop down list.




3. Click "Update Changes" to confirm.

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    Tina Ruggles

    I hate the fact you can only have one person with each email. It is so time consuming to try and find out who else shares email. So my girls are giving up even entering them! Please advise.

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    I agree with Tina. I just followed these steps. Hopefully this will work. But many of my clients bring in their young daughters and need appointments and receipts emailed to their already inputted email address. 

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