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How to Design a Gift Certificate

This will show you how to create and upload a design to be used for your gift certificates. This example will be using a default editing tool 

for PC's called Paint.

                                      Designing a New Gift Certificate Image


    The image size needs to be exactly 700x400 pixels with the graphic aligned left no more than 300x400 pixels. 

1. Download or save a file to your computer that you want to use for your image. Right click - click Edit - this will open in Paint.

2. Resize your image to 300x400



You may need to do this by selecting an area to crop. Be sure that the finished dimensions are exactly 300x400 pixels. 



3. Extend the canvas of the image to exactly 700x400 pixels by clicking and dragging the right side.  



 4. Fill in the blank space with the desired color. You can match your image by clicking on the dropper - click on the desired color -

     click the paint can and click in any part of the white area to fill with the selected color. 



 5. Click File - click Save as - select PNG picture - select the location and file name - click Save.



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                                   Uploading a New Gift Certificate Image 

 1. Go to Reports - Gift Certificates - click Design



 2. Click New Gift Certificate Image



 3. Enter a name (example "Sample") - click Upload Gift Certificate Image - locate the image file click Upload



 4. Select a complimenting color for the text that will show on the gift certificate - click Preview to make sure that the gift certificate

     does not need any changes - click Submit


 Preview example



 5. You can make this gift certificate available or not, by clicking Active on/off or delete it by clicking the icon below Delete.



 The gift certificate will now be the first template available when creating a New Gift Certificate



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