How to Manage Gift Certificates and Gift Cards (On the Desktop Version)




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    Sanjay Khanna

    What is the best way to provide gift cards or coupons that are in %ages. For example 20% off any service coupon/gift card

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    How do i change the dates of purchase or set the date of purchase on a gc?

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    Kerry M

    Sjcomella - You cannot change the date of purchase, the date is based on the day you checked out the customer or the day they purchased it online.

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    Angela Martin-Doroba

    I sell GCs in dollar amounts, ie, $75. I don't care if they use it for service, product, or partially. The app increases the $$ if I change visit #, to allow client to use the balance. If they visit 1x, spend $35, resulting in a balance of $40, app shows balance but says "Redeemed". If I add a visit increase, the app increases $$. Not what I want. Need to know how to resolve this.

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