Donate a Gift Certificate or Add an Existing Gift Certificate from Your Previous System




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    Alana Harper

    When a gift certificate that was given for free is redeemed, does it show up as profit in reports?

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    Mary Schwartzenberger

    I have the same question. When we are not receiving any money from the gift receipt, I am currently having to manually subtract the amount of the gift certificate from my monthly reports. There needs to be a way to indicate that we are not being paid for this and that it is a donation.

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    Crystal Kosa

    Is there an answer somewhere???

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    Renee Knipp

    Has this ever been address?

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    Carol Nace

    great question. I also noticed when you void a transaction, it still shows a gross income. Not good for monthly reconciliation ease.

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    Nikki Feeney

    i normally just cash the client off as 100% discount and write voucher in cash off notes in this case rather then use gift certificates, this way it doesn't affect my profit reporting
    (vagaro advised me to do it this way in a help chat )

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