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Managing Existing Packages

How To Manage Packages You have Already Sold

Managing Each Package will allow you to keep the customer up to date on what is remaining in their package, or if the customer decides they want to void the package you can do so. If an existing package needs to be changed, Vagaro will allow you to view all past purchased and will allow you to increase/decrease the amount of visits and/or dollar amount left within each package.

This will provide you with instructions on how to Manage Existing Packages.

1. From your Calendar screen go to Reports ->  Click Packages




2. Find the Customer's Package you would like to Edit using the filter.


3a. Increase the remaining amount of visits by clicking on Increase Limit-> add the number of visits-> click Submit

*note: When increasing the limit of visits within a package it will not result in any extra charge for the customer.

3b. Subtract the remaining amount of visits by clicking on Decrease Limit


3c. To change the type of service included in the Package-> click Edit


3d. Void the Package click Void-> enter a reason for the Void-> click Save





4. View the Balance of the Package click History




5. After each use of the Package Vagaro will keep subtracting one Visit from the Package



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