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Resource Management (Rooms & Equipment)

Resource Management

A resource can be anything from a room, to a chair or even a piece of equipment that is shared by more than one person. The Resource Management feature of Vagaro manages resources (such as rooms or equipment) from being booked for two people at the same time. This feature will also enable you to create new resources with custom names and service assignments to match your particular business need(s).


The following steps will guide you through how to create new resources and how to link them to a service:

1. From your calendar screen go to "Settings" --- "Service Menu".




2. Once in the service menu screen click on "Resources".




3. Within the text box under "Add Resource" enter the name of the new resource (or click "Edit" next to the existing resource to rename it) and then click "Add".





Setup Services that use a Resource

 1. Click on "Settings" --- "Service Menu".  Click on the "Services" tab.



2. Under the "Service" field select a service to edit.






3. Click on the box under "Resource". Select all resources that apply to the selected service by checking the box next to the resource. For example a 60 Minute Massage can be done in Massage Room 1, 2, or 3, so click on the three that this service can be booked in. The system will look for the room availability and the service provider's open times when calculating the time available to book that service.




4. When all resources are selected, click "Save".


Customers Booking Appointments Online that Use a Resource

 When customers book an appointment online that use a resource, the system will automatically pick the first room available.


Booking Appointments that Use A Resource

1. From the Calendar screen, add a new appointment.

2. Make sure you select a time for the appointment so the system can see which resources are available.

3. When you choose a service that uses a resource an additional field will appear called "Select Resource". Choose one of the available resource and finish your booking process.

Note: When booking reoccurring appointments, the system will select the first available resource automatically for each day the appointment occurs.





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  • Avatar
    Krista Garcia

    I like this feature, but booking from a mobile device gives no indication of any resource being used by service providers, so they can still double book rooms. Most of our spots are booked on mobile devices so this doesn't help us at all.

  • Avatar
    Kerry M

    Krista - Resource Management is in the new version of the apps that we are waiting to be released. They are going through approval process with Apple and Android right now. All new features always come out on the web version first and then we can add them to the apps afterwards.

  • Avatar

    Fantastic feature!! Thanks so much!!

  • Avatar
    Fred Helou

    Resource management is now supported on the Vagaro Pro mobile apps as well!

  • Avatar
    Krista Garcia

    Thank you for the updates! This feature has been very helpful to us. I appreciate that you all are always working so hard to make our lives easier:)

  • Avatar
    Kim Oke

    I'd like to see a way to limit the times a resource is available.... eg the resource is only available in the mornings or only twice a week.  So bookings using that resource are confined to selected time slots.  (Real world example, My downtown Room is only available Tues 9.30 - 1.30 & Thurs 9.30-1.30.  I'd like to make it so that people trying to book into those time slots know which location to attend)


    Pretty Please.

  • Avatar
    Denise Trumpfheller

    is there a way to add a resource room and make it act like an employee? So it can have its own available times and spot on calendar?

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