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Sales & Business Performance Filter

Sales & Business Performance Filter/Report


To view the "Sales and Business Performance" report, hover the mouse over "Reports" -- click on "Sales and Business Performance".





 The checkout date is based on the day the person was actually checked out.





"Export to the select format" drop menu gives you a list of programs that you can use to save your reports to your desktop computer. The most popular formats to save the reports in Vagaro is Excel or Acrobat (PDF) file:


  • Acrobat (PDF) 
  • CSV 
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Rich Text Format
  • TIFF File
  • Web Archive


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In the filter, you can search by a customer's name. Type in the customer's name in the "Customer" box . To search by all customers, leave this field blank. 




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Revenue will show the sales and business performance figures. Retention will show "Customer Retention".





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In the Report filter, there's three check boxes: "Tip", "% (Percentage colum)", and "Include Past Employees". 


The "tips" checkbox includes tips to the report. 


The "%" checkbox includes the sales percentage column to the report.


"Include Past Employees" will show the sales reports for previously listed service provider on the account. 





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The screenshot below shows the "Percentage" column:




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