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IOU Report

How to use the IOU Report in Vagaro:


An IOU is useful to keep track of all pending payments from customers. On Vagaro, if clients would like to pay for a service at a later date or after their next appointment, it can be added to the IOU report. IOUs also appear in the customer's profile. 

When you check out a transaction with an IOU it will go in as a sale in the Sales Summary and it will be included in the total. 


To view any IOU in the Vagaro, hover the mouse over Reports ---  Select IOU



IOU Filter Features


1. At the top of the screen is the IOU Filter. This filter can show any Paid, Void, Outstanding and All IOUs under the Status drop down menu. The filter is used to prioritize certain criteria when running the report. There are three sections to the IOU filter, Noted By, Customer, and IOU StatusIOU_Status.png



2. IOU Report can be saved as an excel spreadsheet or printed by clicking on either Export or Print



 3. On the left hand side of the filter is the "Noted By" drop down menu. Click on the Noted By menu to select a certain service provider's name or select the All option for all service providers. All IOUs can be tracked by a service provider's name.  



Client would like to pay IOU(s)


1. The first option would to manually checkout the IOU by going to Reports --- IOU. Select the customer's name in the IOU filter and click Search. Click on the Pay button on the right hand side of the screen. By clicking on the Pay button, the screen will automatically go to the checkout screen. Pay_IOU.png



2. When the Pay button is clicked, the screen will redirect to the checkout screen. 




Voiding IOUs


To void an IOU hover the mouse over Reports --- IOUs.

1.  In the IOU screen, select the customer's name in the IOU filter. Under the IOU status, select Outstanding.



2. Enter a reason for the Void and click Save. Once the Void has been saved in the account it will appear in the IOU Report under the filter Void.



*Note. Currently Vagaro doesn't show closed the IOUs on the transaction list, but that is something we plan to add in the software. 

Below is a video on IOU Report's  


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