Payroll Setup Including Commission and Hourly Employees




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    Is there a way to run a report for a year in payroll instead of just your payroll period. (for year end stuff)

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    Kerry M

    Unfortunately there is not a way to run a report for the year at this time, but it is a good request. I will mention it at our next review meeting.

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    Jason Archuleta

    Is there a way to email payroll reports?

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    Bridget Gawlik

    Great idea--any updates to this as of 2014? Sales tax too would be awesome:)

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    Meg Bodi

    I'd also like to know if this report can now be run for more than an individual payroll period. 

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    Sarah Gerschutz, M.Ed., CPT, LMT #2839

    I could really use a year end report right now. 


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