How to Set up Payroll




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    Is there a way to run a report for a year in payroll instead of just your payroll period. (for year end stuff)

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    Kerry M

    Unfortunately there is not a way to run a report for the year at this time, but it is a good request. I will mention it at our next review meeting.

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    Jason Archuleta

    Is there a way to email payroll reports?

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    Bridget Gawlik

    Great idea--any updates to this as of 2014? Sales tax too would be awesome:)

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    Meg Bodi

    I'd also like to know if this report can now be run for more than an individual payroll period. 

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    Sarah Gerschutz

    I could really use a year end report right now. 


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    Jun Okudera

    Is there any way to set up payroll configuration for each service provider (some are hourly basis with tip included and some are hourly basis only) ?

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    Daniel C

    Hello Jun,

    The Payroll Configuration setup allows for you to input the hourly wages, commission percentages, and if the tip is being included in their paycheck. The payroll report will generate and itemize the pay due based off of the numbers you set against the sales and hours worked for each employee. If you need a greater explanation, please give us a call at 800-919-0157 opt. 2 for support. Your post is something I would typically have you call technical support for.

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