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    1-Clayton Frith

    In BC Canada we have two taxes.  GST and PST.  I would like the option to add two taxes to retail, because that is what is charged in BC.  This would have it separated for me in my sales summary.  Currently Vagaro only allows one tax per retail product and I have to do the calculations myself to determine the PST totals for the months.  When I remit PST to the government this step of calculating it manually is a pain.  Thank you in advance if you could change this option.

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    I would like the ability to select tax inclusive so I don't have to work out the Tax component. Is this possible currently? 

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    Kerry M

    Vanessa - If you are asking if there is a way to come up with a final price like $40 and then have Vagaro calculate and subtract out the tax after the fact, the answer is no, we will not be adding that capability. But if you enter in your price and check the box that it is taxable, we will add the tax and charge the customer accordingly.

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    melissa tram

    I would like to select the different % for the taxes at check out. Sometimes I would like to adjust the taxes based on which states my client will be shipping their products to. I wouldn't know where until they have place the order, then find out that is they are located in another states with lower tax rates. It waste so much time to reset in the menu again and add it again, through the whole process of changing the tax rate. It's a pain in the butt. I hope their a shorter way to changing the tax rate at checkout rather than at the edit menu option.

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    Felisa Torres Guadalupe

    How do I setup tax for online Store, if someone purchases online from out of my current State, Right now it charges for my current sales tax rate for my State, but if there out of State how do I charge or not charge them tax? The Vagaro site store does not allow for this occurrence. Are we not supposed to charge Tax for out of State orders? Or only charge are current place of business State sales tax & pay that to are current State? My CPA said If I collect Sales tax on out of State orders, then I am responsible to collect, report and pay for sales tax in each State the customer lives in and pay there State sales tax to that State. This is getting so confusing now. Also will I have to setup an e-commerce merchant account? How do I do that?

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    Daniel C

    Hello Felisa,

    You are only supposed to pay your state / county tax for online purchases; not adjust to multiple states. Your business is physically located in your current state and the purchases through you are supposed to go through your state tax system, as your physical location is the taxable location. So a buyer from California isn't going to pay both the California and Massachusetts state taxes because the buyer is in California.

    An example of this would be for Amazon. They pay taxes from their physical facilities in each state, not taxes for the point of origin (state #1) and point of delivery (state #2).

    I don't think you will need an E-commerce account, but I can't be sure without some discussion regarding this. E-commerce bank accounts are meant for businesses that do most of their sales online.

    Every state is different about their rules, so anyone with a similar or the same question, please contact a CPA or a local tax representative for the most up to date information for your tax law.

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    James Ouellette

    As Clayton stated above, we live in Canada and there are two taxes, if you can add an option to add multiple taxes to products/services that would be much appreciated as it will be better to state to the government and so we don't have to break it up. For Canadians this is a large frustration. Thanks!

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    Charles I

    Hi James. I will forward this request to the management team. In the meantime, you can also send a feature request from this page:

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