How to Charge Booth Renter Fees




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    Tammie Miller

    This is how I have been doing rentals, but honestly it's a pain because when you run reports  and want to know product sales you still have to deduct this total. When running totals for as frequently as we do for taxes, etc, it's asinine.  This is really a lazy way for the software to address the issue. Booth rentals are a major part of our industry and definitely should have' a way to receive payment for, and track separate from products.

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    IDwayne Carpenter

    I had to add the booth rental as a service because I have different prices and to keep track of who pays on time. Book each on under owner for each week. The the front desk checks them out. The reports work fine and do not get mixed up with the products. 

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    Brandy Moore

    Not all of my booth renters use vagaro, can we still do this?

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    Sherry Firkins

    still deciding which system works best idwayne and the way vagaro has it set up. any other pros or cons. seems like vagaro would have a both rental option

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