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    Mac McIntyre

    Recording opening and closing cash drawer balances is very important. I understand that you can export to an Excel sheet and/or PDF file, but the fact that there's no in-system record of cash drawer daily opening and closing totals is problematic, ESPECIALLY for those who didn't know that it wasn't already recorded with the daily transaction information AS WELL AS for those with multiple people handling the cash drawer and/or reports daily. Also, an itemized cash drawer report (that is also recorded with the sales reports) would be ideal, but it is secondary to an in-system record/report of the cash drawer daily opening and closing totals.

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    Ginger Ory

    So, this seems to be a question of concern for quite some time now looking at the dates of the above comments, back 9 yrs.

    We need to be able to print an end of the day cash drawer daily balance receipt, to be used to verify the drawer balance at the end of the day. With tips balances separate from product & services balance. 

    To be able to do this from the checkout screen preferably, without having to go into reports. As we have multiple service providers, cashiers, etc. that I don't need/want to have access to the business financial reports. Just a simple way for the last person closing the Salon to print a daily cash drawer total (not credit cards), count down the register, and drop that in the safe.

    As stated above, recording opening and closing cash drawer balances is very important to keep our books balanced. Especially with having multiple employee's handling the cash drawer throughout the day. Being able to do this from the pay desk register,the web or pro app using the receipt printer depending how the business is setup checking customers out. The main thing it's a very simple, saves paper, & time efficient, cause people are closing, and want to get home after working all day.





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