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How to Split A Transaction Between Two Credit Cards

How to Split a Transaction Between Two Credit Cards


If a client would like to pay for their service by using two credit cards, there is a two-step process. The first step is to sell a gift certificate for one-half of the total amount of the service with the first credit card, and then checkout for the service by using the gift certificate and with the 2nd credit card. This process requires two separate transactions; Sell the client a stand alone gift certificate for the amount that needs to be put on the first card. Afterwards, redeem the gift certificate for the service the client came in for and then have them pay the remaining amount with the second card.


Note - This feature does not work on the Vagaro Pro app. You must use the web version to use this feature. If you're using the Vagaro Pro app, go to More --- Web Version. The transactions must be done on either a tablet or a desktop computer. 


 1.) Click on the Checkout button. 




2. The appointment will appear on the Customer Checkout screen, since you're not quite done checking out the appointment yet, click on the Delete button on the left-hand side 



3. Select Delete from transaction list only --- Click OK.

Note: This will not delete the appointment from the calendar screen. 



4. Hover the mouse over Checkout button and click on it --- Click Add Gift. Sell a Gift Certificate for the amount that you would like to charge on the first credit card. (Note: For instructions on how to create a gift certificate, see our "Sell A New Gift Certificate" forum - 

5. Go to the Calendar screen and click on the appointment. Click on Service Complete (Checkout) to complete the transaction. 

6. Click on the Gift Certificate link under Payment Summary, select the Service from the drop down menu: 





7. The gift certificate will be applied to the service. Swipe the second credit card at the customer checkout screen to charge the reminder to the other credit card and check out as you normally do. 


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  • Avatar
    Stacey K

    Are there any plans of adding a more efficient way to split credit cards?  I know that you have expressed an option here, but on a busy day it is a hassle.  Any idea if a "Card 1" and Card 2" feature will be added, similar to how yolu have the gift certificate, cash, check, etc.  fields?


    Thanks! :-)

  • Avatar
    Stacey K

    I forgot to mention that we are a paperless business and utilize our tablet for our checkouts so this is even more so annoying for that reason.

  • Avatar
    Morgan Reber

    I have had this issue also. It would be a great to have multiple options when paying. Would this work also if you only charged 1/2 the amount to a credit card and created an IOU, then checked out and paid the IOU off with the other card?

  • Avatar
    Alicia Seyhanli

    This method is not efficient. What a pain to have to give them a gift card first, this requires a lot of time that is not always available to be used for checking out a customer. It would be very useful if this could be changed in the very recent future as this is something I am asked about ALL THE TIME!

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