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How to Sell and Use a Gift Certificate

How to Sell a New Gift Certificate

Vagaro allows you to customize and sell your own Gift Certificates.Selling gift certificates is a great way to generate extra income and help bring in new customers. Gift Certificates can be issued to apply for a particular service or can be a specific dollar amount.

The following steps will guide you on how to Sell a New Gift Certificate or - Watch a Video Demo


1. From your calendar, click on Checkout




2. Choose a Customer and Select "+ Gift"




3. You can either type your own Gift Certificate number or Vagaro can Auto Generate one for you.




4. Select a Service or enter an Amount for the Gift Certificate

Selecting a Service is Optional. If you do select a Service the Gift Certificate will be locked to that Service and

cannot be transferred to a dollar Amount.



5. Select the Recipient for the Gift Certificate

*note: When issuing a gift certificate there always must be a customer profile attached. The profile can be brief but will require at least the first and last name to be filled out. If the customer purchasing the certificate does not want to supply a recipients name, the fields that contain first & last can be filled in with anything they would like. For instance the name could be "Promotional Gift Certificate".



6. Write a message and select if you want to Print and/or Send Gift Certificate




7. Select the preferred template  from the drop down menu labeled "Template Type".

Select whether you would like to Print the Gift Certificate and/or Send email by checking the box adjacent to it. If you do not

wish to do either, leave them blank. Gift certficates will ALWAYS be emailed to the "Sender", the "Recipient" is

optional. Click Next




8. The next screen will automatically display preview Gift Certificate. Click Save




9. Finish the Checkout

(Select the Service Provider if you are selling for a different Service Provider)



How to Use a Gift Certificate

1. From your calendar, click on Checkout



2. Select the customer that received the gift certificate



3. When it is time to collect payment click Gift Certificate



4. Select the the gift certificate to use and change the amount if needed, click OK



5. click Checkout to complete





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  • Avatar

    I would like to see an option of NOT having to enter the names of the person purchasing the Gift Card and the name of the receipient. Often people just stop by very quickly to pick up a gift card for the spouse or a collegue. Entering all the info is time consuming. Having the certificate # would be enough.

    This way the Gift Card could be passed to another person if the receipient chooses not to use the card.

    Also the Service Provider name could be/should be OPTIONAL. This way client doesn't feel obligated to choose a certain service provider (employee) and the service provider (employee) doesn't get paid the comission until they actually PERFORM the service. Also the client should have an option of (if only amount was entered) to spend the money on retail instead of service.

  • Avatar

    We should be able to enter a Gift Card as a form of payment while checking out and not a type of service

  • Avatar

    PS. I wanted to specify. There is a difference between Gift Certificates and Gift Cards.

    Gift Certificate is usually issued for a certain service (like a "Manicure") by a certain person for a certain person. All that information has to appear on the certificate. The client then pays for the Manicure and the tax (for example $35 plus $4.55 = 39.55). The receipient can only choose the service mentioned on the Gift Certificate.

    Gift Cards are now more and more popular. A person buys a card worth an amount (like $40). Usually the names are not collected. The Card can be given to anyone and is treated like cash. The person can choose to spend the money however they please. Tax is not collected on Gift Cards and the gift card is applied to the transaction as a form of payment.

    I think we should have 2 options here. Gift Card and Gift Certificate. Again, when choosing Gift Card option we should not have to fill out all the clients info,

    I also find it suprising that there is an option of emailing the certificate to the receipient right away. People usually get them as gifts and emailing it would spoil the suprise.

    I noticed that the system asks me to pick a picture from the gallery even though I didn't choose to print a Gift Certificate. Why is that? Then it shows me a filled out certificate I don't even need ;)


  • Avatar
    Kate M

    I agree, I think it would be good if we could sell "gift cards" with no specified recipient (so that they could be given to anyone).

  • Avatar
    Kerry M

    All gift certificates must be attached to a customer profile. You can name the customer "Promotional Gift Certificate" or put it as "________ _______" and let the person write in the name. But it does have to be a customer profile in the system. Then if Sarah Smith comes in to use it, you can type in the gift certificate number to apply it to her checkout.

  • Avatar

    I print my own gift certificates at a local printers. I do not use those provided by Vagaro.

    As mentioned by others, I just want to track them by number. Especially as my salon frequently donates gift certificates for fundraising and etc and we have no way of knowing who is winning the gift cert and don't have that information available until it is redeemed.   

    We need a way to track Gift Certs by Number, and also to track the balance of any given gift certificate, if any is remaining.


  • Avatar
    Makena McMaster

    I also think it would be great to have the option to pre print gift certificates! I have a fundraiser I would like to donate too. Was hoping it was possible! Maybe in the next update;)

  • Avatar
    Kerry M

    Makena - That option already exists to pre-print gift certificates. All you do it go into "Reports" --- "Gift Certificates" --- "Management" and click on "New Gift Certificate". You can create as many donated gift certificates as you need for your funraiser.

  • Avatar
    Kiran Jain

    We issue lot of gift cards to our customers and often times they don't know who they want to give it to. Is it possible to issue a gift card without adding the 'to' information. Also when the recipient (who is not registered in the system yet) comes back to redeem the gift card, how can I pull up the same gift certificate no under recipient check out screen since it was purchased by some one else? 

  • Avatar
    Kerry M

    Kjain - You are basically giving the best answer your first question with your second question. The reason we required the TO field is specially for tracking that gift certificate when the person comes in to redeem it. Now you could create a generic customer with a first and last name as "_________ ________" so people can write it in later, but if you do a lot of these and a person comes in and claims they received a gift certificate but they lost the gift certificate and don't know the number, you could easily have multiple "_______ ________" gift certificates and it would all be a guess on your part.

    So if Jake Smith want to buy a gift certificate for $50 and has no idea who they want to get it for, I would create the gift certificate To and From Jake Smith so you can at least track it. The other option is to purchase plastic gift cards which have no name printed on them and it completely tracked by the number on the card itself.

  • Avatar
    Rebecca Vanderloop

    I would like the ability to sell our packages as a gift certificate. I would also like to see the ability to use both the service or the dollar amount, so if a client comes in and wants to change or increase the service they are receiving.

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Gibbard

    Having the gift certificate locked to a service is proving to be challenging. It would be great if you could also use the dollar amount. If a guest receives a GC with a service attached and gratuity is included then I am unable to redeem it for the gratuity OR if a guest decides they would prefer X and Y treatment over Z treatment that was purchased we have to refund the GC and resell it for just the amount instead of a service. Seems like a lot of unnecessary steps

  • Avatar
    Kerry M

    Jennifer - That's the default in Vagaro, all gift certificates are setup to be dollar amount only, then you can choose to override that option and add service. Vagaro does not recommend adding a service to a gift certificate for the reasons you mentioned. But we added the option because some businesses wished to use that option.

  • Avatar
    Susan Davis Ferrell

    My client likes to buy his wife a GC for her birthday every year. /he would like it to go to his email so that he can print it at home. How can I send the gift certificate to the purchaser's email, rather than the recipient?

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Parrish

    I bought my own gift certificates not realizing they were provided. How do I use them?

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